Screaming For Tiki!


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released May 15, 2015

Positively recorded and mixed at Tiny Bubbles Studio and Shave Ice Stand 2012. Massturd by Andy 'Youth Crew' Koettel, July 2014.

Mahalo to Andy and Randall for standing hard, straight & alert, while using their heads.

Special thanks to the awesomeness of 80s straight edge, before it was bastardised by chugga hardline dipsticks. Also, fuck Krishna – HAIL TIKI!



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WADGE Hana, Hawaii

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Track Name: Say You Love Tiki!
You’re gonna have a problem and its name is me
Unless you get down with the fuckin’ tiki
Don’t have to drink a mai tai if you are straight
But you better hail a Lono before it’s too late
I’ll smack a fuckin’ chisel right across your fuckin’ face
Not down with Polynesia?
You’re a fuckin’ disgrace!
Sure man, it’s OK not to drink
Better say you love tiki or you can spit your teeth
Right in the sink!
Aloha from Hawaii, now enjoy this fuckin’ fist!
Waterfall of bloodshed soaking everyone with mist
Samoan stomped cranium, a lesson for the rest
Say you love tiki or you’ll be fuckin’ next!
Sweet surf soundtrack as I beat
Yer fuckin’ face into the fuckin’ concrete
You’ve got a choice now open your eyes
And use your head
Before your little face situation becomes more widespread
Track Name: Screaming For Tiki
Got the answer
Carved in wood
It’s time that you
Life is hard
But that’s OK
‘Cause tiki will help you make through the day
Screaming for tiki!
We’re screaming, we’re screaming, we’re screaming
Screaming for tiki!
Skin or longhair
It’s all the same
Unity through tiki
Take the strain
If you need help
Just scream out
The tiki will be coming
There’s no fucking doubt!
Want to make a better life for you and me?
Open up your mouth and fucking shout “TIKI!”
Track Name: Are You Ready for the Summer?
Are you ready for the summer?
Are you ready to grind?
Grab your board, catch a wave
Leave your troubles behind
Get sauced like Dean Martin
Or carve one straight and alert
All that matters is we’re here today
Dodging sharks in a hula skirt
Grind it out, grind it out
Fist n’ shout, fist n’ shout
Grind it out, grind it out
When in doubt, whip it out
Tiki storm the beach en masse
Menehune scream
Strappado discharges – 1, 2 fuck you
Cross the golden stream
Ya know, I was walking down the street the other day
And I saw this guy all serious and grim
He had on a shirt with a logo I couldn’t make out
And he just seemed so fucking miserable
Who knows how long this life will last?
So while you’re here have a fucking blast!
Surf and grindcore together as one
Throw in some death metal just for fun
Tomorrow cannot be assured
So brothers and sisters heed these fucking words
Tell those loved ones how you feel
Cause any minute from now you could be a maggot’s meal
Track Name: Can't Stop the Musick
Old as fuck, no more youth
But we still will persist
For the love of what we do
Won’t stop, can’t stop
Give me a beat that moves real sweet
And I’m goddamn good to go
Neighbours think I’m crazy
When they hear me screaming
From the basement window
I feel sick and I may break a hip
But fuck it, let’s rip
And keep the fills real thick
Prop me the fuck up and I’ll do my thing
And don’t forget the pill for my ding-a-ling
This musick is fused within the blood
Not gonna stop till we’re 6-feet under mud
Track Name: Snivelling Elderly
These, your heroes, take them all
Round them up, one by one
With egos grown out of control
Impale their skulls on a fucking pole
Old time relics still hanging on
Demanding respect for days long gone
Who gives a shit what you once did
When you were just a kid
This is what I see
Snivelling elderly
This is what I see
Snivelling elderly
Same old riffs, same ole song
Isn’t it about time
You moved the fuck along?
Your boombox doesn’t earn you shit
“Please, sir, can we do a split?”
Fuck this bullshit hierarchy
Cause it was never meant to be
Track Name: I Won't
I won’t take a hit from the bong
But I’ll give you a light
Because I’m not the one
To say what’s wrong or what’s right
I live my life and that’s all I can do
Fuck those who think they know best
Maybe you drink or maybe you don’t
Maybe you will or maybe you won’t
While you’re tripping I’ll just laugh
‘Cause I can’t see shit
When you get the munchies, I’ll get the chips
Just don’t double dip!
Nailed to the X or nailed to the weed
It really matters not
Grindcore, hardcore, uniform voice
So let’s give it all we’ve got!
Don’t shove your morals down my throat
Unless you want a fight
Track Name: Ball-Peen Hammer
Tried to reach out
Show you the way
You ignored me
Now you gotta pay
Told you that tiki would change your life
But you just smugly ignored
Well, here comes the ball-peen hammer, son
Now you’ll know the score
Tried to be nice, did what I could
Now you have earned a face gash
No second chances, no turning back
Your skull is mine to smash
Said it was ok
If you drank the booze
When you passed on tiki
You chose to fucking lose
To fucking lose!